Pikachus from the Pikachu Oops! promotion at the Tokyo Pokemon Center.


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† Are We Even Alive 

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Places to visit in Japan: Fukuro no Mise (Owl Cafe)



The owl cafe Fukuro no Mise in Tokyo is crowded even on the weekdays, despite its tucked away location. Down a side street across from Tsukishima Station, the owl cafe is given away by the owl curtains and the people milling around, waiting to get in. I couldn’t believe my luck that I lived close enough to bike not only to Tori no Iru Cafe (a bird cafe), but also to this owl cafe!

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Pokémon Center Gotochi clearfile — Masamune Pikachu.

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people who unironically use multiple exclamation points in texts are the cutest fucking thing omfg.   even mundane things are made cuter like “just got on the bus!!!! will be home soon!!!”   like yeAH UR ON THE BUS U BIG CUTIE.  I WILL SEE U AT HOME.  LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET.   

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